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“Excrucior” is a film about an Immortal and a Mortal who fall in love circa 1890, and the torment that such a relationship could go through. We began shooting this, our fourth short film, for the Digi60 Filmmaker's Festival at the beginning of October 2011. It has a great cast of 4 new and professional actors. Digi60 is Ottawa’s original Digital Film Festival that challenges Ottawa-area filmmakers to write and shoot a short 8 minute digital film in 60 days. But there’s a catch, which changes every Festival! Filmmakers are given the same set of parameters for their films and it’s up to them to script their films around this “catch”. The catch for this year's Scripted Stream - “Your film must include a passionate kiss that affects your character”.

Cast: Jennifer Vallance, Julian Luckham, Michael Bigras, and Graeme Hay
Written and Directed by Julian Luckham; Director of Photography Michael Bigras;
Assistant Director Graeme Hay; Edited by Michael Bigras; Music by Jennifer Vallance;
“Excrucior” and “Take me Away” written and performed by Jennifer Vallance and recorded by Terry Fernihough

Produced by Julian Luckham