photo illusionism

What if Weekends - Photo Illusions

What if Weekends - Photo Illusions

Photo illusionism began as an occasional part of my first 52 Week Project back in 2011, and then became my entire second 52 Week Project the next year, and has since become a regular thing. Photo Illusionism is a term I use to indicate that what I create, though based in the world of photography, is not always real. This is where my photography, creativity and image editing skills come together to create something entirely different. These galleries include some of my earliest photo illusions as well as illusions from my two 52 Week Projects.

If you'd like to discuss creating your own photo illusion, or 'What if...' please get in touch! I have published two books of illusions which can be viewed here: ‘trompe-l’œil – deceive the eye’ and 'what if weekends: the book'.

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